MANNKITCHEN MK9 Chef Knife: Built for the man who loves to cook.

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  • US-Made X63 Nitrogen Steel: Surgical sharpness, exceptional edge retention and superb corrosion resistance.  Hardness up to 63 HRC
  • More Blade: Longer and wider than standard chef knife blades.  Increases knuckle clearance, eases food transfer and extends the useful life of the blade.
  • Large Ergonomic Handle: Fits every adult, INCLUDING those with large hands. Full-tang triple riveted with indestructible G10 scales providing nonslip comfort that will last a lifetime.
  • All The Right Curves: Convex spine profile creates a more natural wrist position and rounded spine reduces friction and hot spots.
  • Micro Bolster: The safety and comfort of a full bolster while still allowing easy sharpening from point to heel.


MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 1: The Steel 

The MK9 Blade is made of revolutionary X63-Nitrogen Steel. The addition of nitrogen during the alloying process creates a tighter grain structure within the steel, enabling surgical sharpness, exceptional edge retention, improved corrosion resistance, and hardness up to 63 HRC.

X63-Nitrogen Steel is made in the USA. Its special properties allow it to outperform market leading imported steels in edge retention, durability, and corrosion resistance.

In short, it's the perfect knife steel for professional kitchens.  

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 2: The Shape

The MK9 features a Convex Spine Profile.  Unlike most knives, it curves downward at both ends, enabling a more natural wrist position while cutting that reduces wrist strain and helps prevent wedging in large ingredients.

If you spend a lot of time with a knife in your hands, your elbow, wrist, and knife hand will thank you for using an MK9.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 3: Extra Width

Over 2.5 inch blade width at the heel increases knuckle clearance, eases food transfer & extends blade life.  With most chef knives you need to be careful not to scrape your knuckles on the cutting board when you complete your chop.  Cooks compensate by cutting near the counter/table edges to save their knuckles.  With the MK9, that's no longer a concern. 

Wide blade makes food transfer quick and easy.

Plus, there's enough width that you can sharpen it for a generation or two and still have a magnificent blade for your heirs to fight over.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 4: Extra Length

9 Inch blade for improved slicing and making quick work of large ingredients.  The blade features a relatively straight edge for the bulk of its length, with the belly concentrated in the front 1/3.  This enables it to perform well whether chopping or slicing, and it has the length to handle large ingredients quickly.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 6: Extra Comfort

The MK9 features a rounded & polished spine for exceptional comfort in a pinch grip. Cooks often develop a callous on their index finger where the spine presses against the skin.  An unpolished spine with square edges creates friction while cutting, leading to discomfort, blistering, and a "cook's callous".  

Cutting is more comfortable with the MK9.

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 2: Exceptional Grip

Ergonomic large handle cradles the hand for an effortlessly firm grip-even for those with large hands.  We eliminated angular edges and added both width and thickness to create a substantial handle that feels like a natural extension of the arm.

Scales are made of indestructible G10, with layers of resin-encased fibers creating a nonslip material (whether wet or dry) that won't swell, shrink, crack, or discolor.  

MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 Difference 7: Micro Bolster

The MK9 Micro Bolster features all the safety benefits of a full bolster with none of the drawbacks.  A bolster adds stability to your grip and to the blade, while protecting your hand with added width where fingers contact the heel.  While traditional bolsters extend the whole length of the heel to the edge, the micro bolster of the MK9 only adds width where it's needed, allowing easy point-to-heel sharpening.