18 Inch Extra Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip-Natural Black Walnut with Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

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  • Extra Powerful: The MÄNNKITCHEN knife strip features rare earth Neodymium magnets with up to 10x the pulling power of ferrite magnets. And, it has more of them than most magnetic knife bars.
  • Holds large and heavy knives securely: Designed out of necessity when other magnetic strips were not strong enough to hold the oversize MK9 chef knife.
  • Won't scratch your blades: magnetic knife strips with metal surfaces scratch blades.  Our natural Black Walnut wooden magnetic knife holder will never scratch, dull or damage your blades.
  • Naturally antibacterial: black walnut wood used for the MÄNNKITCHEN magnetic knife holder has natural antibacterial properties.
  • Easy to mount: includes two screws with drywall anchors.  Requires that two (level) holes be drilled 15 inches apart for mounting on walls.  NOT FOR MOUNTING ON REFRIGERATOR.


Not your average magnetic knife strip.  The MK9 is significantly heavier than the average chef knife, and the first 6 magnetic knife strips we tested didn't possess sufficient magnetism to hold it securely. 

While most knife strips use ferrite magnets, we couldn't pack enough ferrite magnets into a reasonably sized knife bar to make it strong enough. 

Thankfully, rare earth neodymium magnets have around 10X the magnetism of ferrite magnets.  Still, the first prototypes with the new and improved neodymium magnets didn't hold the knife securely.  A falling chef knife is a problem, and a falling MK9 is bigger problem.  So, we added more magnets.

It's not an inexpensive way to construct a magnetic knife strip, but it's the only right way to build a magnetic knife holder for heavy knives.

If we made it any more powerful, removing the MK9 might make you the king of England.

The rare earth magnets are wrapped in a chunk of naturally antibacterial black walnut.  Black walnut will never dull or scratch your MK9 blade, but is exceptionally durable and prized for its tight grain and rich dark color.  It's tall dark and handsome, which pairs perfectly with the MK9.

At 18 inches long, there's plenty of room for all the knives you care about, plus the ones you haven't yet replaced with MÄNNKITCHEN knives.  Yes, it will hold the best spatula for cast iron too.

Comes with mounting hardware included (two screws with drywall expansion sleeves).  Requires drilling two level holes 15 inches (381mm) apart.