Salt Cannon Instruction Manual

Do NOT put your Salt Cannon in the dishwasher.  Wiping with a damp cloth is all the cleaning that your Salt Cannon needs.

If in a humid environment, salt may cake on the bottom of your cannon.  This can be wiped away with a finger or brush as needed.

Operators in a humid environment should expect more caking than operators in a dry environment.

The Salt Cannon CAN grind pepper, albeit approximately 30% slower than the Pepper Cannon.  Do NOT put Salt in your Pepper Cannon.

The Salt Cannon will grind any salt small and dry enough to gravity feed inside the Cannon.  Drier Salts like Himalayan pink rock salt will cause less caking and feed more readily than wet salts like Grey Sea Salt.

Flake Sea Salt can be ground in a Salt Cannon.  Since Sea Salt is sold at a premium based on the flake size, feel free to question why one would purchase expensive large flake sea salt only to make it into less valuable small flakes.  The heart wants what it wants.

Salt is corrosive.  Salt plus air plus moisture is highly corrosive.  The Salt Cannon is designed to resist corrosion, but over time corrosion may occur.  

The Salt Cannon is warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Filling your Salt Cannon:
Open the Salt Cannon by pressing the quick-release button while lifting the top. Fill with salt. Replace the top and rotate it gently until it drops down on the drive shaft, then press until the top clicks into place.

Adjusting your Salt Cannon:
Output increases as the grind adjuster is rotated counter-clockwise & the distance between the burrs increases. Output decreases as the grind adjuster is rotated clockwise & the distance between the burrs decreases. There are approximately 75 clicks from the finest (slow) setting to the coarsest (FAST) setting. Yes, 75+ grind options may be excessive.  No, no responsible adult should operate the Salt Cannon at the widest setting.

Make Extra Fine Salt with your Salt Cannon:

Rotate the adjuster clockwise until it stops. This is setting ZERO, the finest setting. Almost NO salt will come out of your Salt Cannon at the finest setting but you will feel salt crystals being ground while you crank even though very little salt escapes. Grind for 10-15 cranks, then turn the adjuster 2-3 clicks counter-clockwise and continue cranking so the finely ground salt can fall. 

Want  Salt Faster?

Turn the adjuster counter-clockwise, stopping every 5 clicks to grind until you reach the desired balance of coarseness and output.

Make Extra Coarse Salt (Warning: HIGH OUTPUT)

Turn the adjuster counter-clockwise until the adjuster stops. CAUTION: At the coarsest settings, your Salt Cannon will produce prodigious quantities of VERY coarse salt.

Note: You may never need the coarsest (or finest) settings of your Salt Cannon, but it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

The safety screw in the base of the drive shaft (center of the adjuster) prevents the adjuster from being rotated off the end of the drive shaft unintentionally. This screw should be tight at all times when the Salt Cannon is in use, and only removed to disassemble the Salt Cannon.

Using the base cup.  Or not.

Use 1/4 turn when removing or replacing the base cup.  If the tension is too high, the o-ring may be twisted.  It can be untwisted, or lightly oiled to reduce tension.  The O-ring can be removed from the base cup if you prefer to use it as a base only.  The unit can be used without the base cup if preferred. 

Change Button Colors

User replaceable buttons are a new feature of 2024 model salt cannons. Simply remove the top, turn it over and use the provided allen wrench to loosen the top button retention screw while pressing the top button firmly with one finger.   
NOTE: The allen slot is in the center of the top.  Do not press the retention ring to the side of the allen slot, as this will expose the 3 latching balls and they may fall out.  
Once free, replace with one of the provided buttons and tighten.  Press firmly on the button with one finger when tightening the top button retention screw.  Once the button rotates, it's tight enough.
We’re constantly working to make incremental improvements to our products, and sadly not all of the upgrades can be made backwards compatible with previous designs.