Pepper Cannon Instruction Manual

Welcome to the pepper revolution.
Do NOT put salt in your pepper cannon.
Do NOT put your pepper cannon in the dishwasher.
The adjuster will spin freely when the cannon is empty unless you hold the top.
It can be difficult to align the top on the drive shaft when the Cannon is empty because the drive shaft spins very freely (turning the top also turns the shaft when they are in contact-even if not properly seated on the hex head). This can be resolved by loading the cannon or holding the adjuster (preventing rotation) when replacing the top.
1. Fill your Pepper Cannon:
Remove quick release top and fill the pepper cannon with up to 1/2 cup of peppercorns. Replace top and press down until it clicks into place. You may have to rotate the top slightly when replacing.
3. Grind extra fine pepper:
Adjust your pepper cannon to the finest setting by turning the adjuster clockwise.  NOTE: Almost NO pepper will come out of your Pepper Cannon at the finest setting, but you may feel peppercorns being ground inside the Pepper Cannon while you crank even though no pepper escapes. For extra fine pepper, simply grind at the finest setting ffor 10-15 cranks, then turn adjuster 1-3 clicks counter-clockwise and continue cranking so the finely ground pepper can fall. 
4. Experience the full range of pepper coarseness:
Turn the adjuster counter-clockwise, grinding a few cranks after each  increment until the adjuster reaches the thumbscrew safety (adjuster won't turn any further). This is the coarsest setting in normal operation.
Note that the output of the Pepper Cannon will increase as the grind is adjusted to coarser settings.
5. Grind CRAZY coarse pepper:
If you wish to get even more coarse pepper (and even more output) the safety screw can be removed (don’t lose it!) and the adjuster turned even further counter-clockwise.
CAUTION: The safety screw prevents the adjuster from rotating off the end of the drive shaft. When the adjuster rotates off the end of the drive shaft, it will fall off, and also allow the click plate, male burr, tension spring, and the full contents of your Pepper Cannon to fall out.
If you wish to avoid this, exercise caution when operating your Pepper Cannon with the thumbscrew safety removed.
Note: When replacing the thumbscrew safety, be certain to tighten it firmly against the base of the drive shaft to prevent it from vibrating loose over time.
Using the base cup.  Or not.
Use 1/4 turn when removing or replacing the base cup.  If the tension is too high, the o-ring may be twisted.  It can be untwisted, or lightly oiled to reduce tension.  The O-ring can be removed from the base cup if you prefer to use it as a base only.  The unit can be used without the base cup if preferred. 
"I was attempting to clean my pepper cannon and some parts fell out. Please send me detailed instructions for re-assembly."
Pepper Cannon Disassembly and Reassembly video:
If you manage to disassemble the top (NOT RECOMMENDED) here's how to put it back together: