Extra Large Professional Oven Mitt from MANNKITCHEN

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  • 100% Cotton
  • 15 inch length and 7 inch width easily accommodates those well-endowed in the hand department. Heck, it even protects your wrists.
  • 100% cotton construction provides classic comfort and heat protection and isn't slippery like silicone oven mitts. Hot, heavy and slippery are a bad combination in the kitchen.
  • Quilted construction prevents insulation migration, reducing hot spots and insuring that your trip from the oven to the table is completed with minimum possible cursing.
  • Fire retardant coating protects from temporary flare ups and sparks. Holding your oven-mitted hand in an open flame for a prolonged period is a bad idea. Don’t be the one to put the R-word in fire-retardant.
  • Available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.


The Mannkitchen Extra Large oven mitt makes squeezing your hands into too-small oven mitts a thing of the past. The Extra Large oven mitt from MANNKITCHEN is built to accommodate large hands and protect them from temperatures up to 425F. 100% cotton construction makes the mannkitchen oven mitt comfortably cool, durable, and flexible for a secure grip. Silicone oven mitts are slippery, which is not what you want when carrying something hot and heavy from the oven to the table. Each mannkitchen oven mitt features a flame retardant exterior coating that provides temporary protection from flare-ups, hot embers and sparks. While the mannkitchen extra large oven mitt is conveniently machine washable, we recommend spot cleaning instead because washing will decrease the effectiveness of the flame retardant coating over time. Quilted construction prevents insulation migration and reduces hot spots, insuring that your grill-to-table trip is as uneventful as possible. The mannkitchen oven mitt balances the thickness of insulation with the need for a flexible firm grip. Too much insulation reduces dexterity and grip security, and too little insulation results in burnt hands, broken kitchen floor tiles, and tearfully eating cornbread off the floor while you mourn your broken cast iron skillet. Don’t be that guy. Avoid tear flavored floor-cornbread with the extra large MANNKITCHEN oven mitt.