Official MÄNNKITCHEN Man T-Shirt

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$900 for this t-shirt is silly.  

Yes, I considered raising the price to more accurately represent the quality of the average wearer, but elected to keep it artificially low.

We'll skip the part where you pretend you don't want an Official MÄNNKITCHEN Man tee and are only here because of curiosity about the price.

Please understand that there's no shame in wanting this shirt more than you've ever wanted an article of clothing before.

After all, the Official MÄNNKITCHEN Man tee is luxuriously soft, flattering, unbelievably exclusive, and it sports a depiction of God creating a MÄNNKITCHEN Man by handing him a MÄNNKITCHEN spatula

This "curious" feeling you're experiencing is actually called "Next Level Shirt-Want".  

Yes, that's a thing.

Having gazed upon the product image and read this far into the description, you've almost certainly overcome any nagging doubts about the value. Pure unadulterated desire has overpowered your rational mind, and your subconscious is already holding your debit card.

But before you physically leap, I want to tell you about another way to obtain the object of your desire.

Get ready to have your mind blown...

You can get the Official MÄNNKITCHEN Man tee for free.




Well, I'll tell you how:


Cook, snap, and share images or videos that fit the following hashtags on instagram and tag @mannkitchen. Once you have used them all, DM me your name, address, and shirt size.






















Bonus points for sharing an original recipe.  
Double bonus points for sharing onMÄNNKITCHEN Day (March 25). 
MÄNNKITCHEN Day is celebrated by preparing and sharing a meal with family and friends.
Bonus points may be redeemed in-person at any time for a smile or handshake.

Small Print:

Honor system: No snapping photos of something someone else prepared and posting it as your own. Images must be high quality and relevant. If your posts aren't epic, we reserve the right to substitute awesome MÄNNKITCHEN gear with bupkus.

• Tri-blend construction (50% poly, 25% combed ring-spun cotton, 25% rayon)
• 40 singles thread weight
• Comfortable and durable
• Contemporary fit
• Lightweight

Size guide

Length (inches) 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Width (inches) 16 ½ 18 20 22 24 26 28 30