The Mannkitchen Man

For eons, man has been a minor player in the kitchen. 

For many men, cooking is limited to firing up the BBQ and
occasional forays indoors for weekend breakfasts.
"Dad's night to cook" either means eating out, reheating
leftovers, or pancakes for dinner.

Well the times, they are a-changin’.  

From 1965 to 2008 the percentage of US men who cook at home
increased by 44.8%. There are more families where both spouses
work, more stay at home dads, and more men working from home
than ever before.  All this equals more men spending more
time at home, and more time cooking at home.
MÄNNKITCHEN exists to help transform the kitchen-timid
into MÄNNKITCHEN Men, because a man who can cook
is better than when he couldn't

What is a MÄNNKITCHEN Man? 

A MÄNNKITCHEN Man can cook. 
Not just grill, and not just breakfast food.  He can prepare
a from-scratch meal that will be tasty and healthy.

(March 25), and celebrate it by preparing and sharing a meal.
    Do you know a MÄNNKITCHEN Man?  Nominate him to win
    gear by posting pics or videos of him killin' it in the kitchen
    and tag @mannkitchen.  

    Win Stuff.

    Use 10  MÄNNKITCHEN Hashtags on instagram and we'll
    send you the best spatula for cast iron, FREE.
    To win, share images or videos that fit the following hashtags
    on instagram and tag us. Once you have 10, DM us
    your name and address.
    If you manage to use all of the below hashtags in different posts, send your t-shirt size too.
    Tag @mannkitchen in your post and use the most relevant
    official MÄNNKITCHEN Hashtag:

    Bonus points for sharing an original recipe. 
    Bonus points may be redeemed in-person at any time for
    a smile or handshake.
    Small Print:
    Honor system: No snapping photos of something
    someone else prepared and posting it as your own.
     Images must be high quality and relevant.
    If your posts aren't epic, we reserve the right to substitute
    awesome MÄNNKITCHEN gear with bupkus.


    A man's place is in the kitchen.